Why Seeing a Chiropractor Can Help With My Personal Injury Case in Tucson

3 Reasons Why Seeing a Chiropractor Can Help With My Personal Injury Case in Tucson? 

  • Provide the Necessary Documentation
  • Work with the Insurance Company or Personal Injury Attorney 
  • Chiropractic Care can Lead to More Timely Claims 

Although there are various types of personal injuries, the one thing that all personal injury claims have in common is that they are all accidents that occurred as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Keeping this in mind, not all personal injuries are the same, while some may require hospitalization, others can be treated most effectively with the help of an experienced Chiropractor.

When you suffer from an injury that was caused by another’s careless actions, filing a claim for compensation is your best chance at receiving all of the benefits that you deserve. Now it’s important to keep in mind that the negligent person’s insurance company will try to minimize your payout as much as possible, or even avoid it altogether.

Now you may be wondering just where does a chiropractor fit into all of this

Detailed Injury Documentation

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your personal injury (PI) accident, when you become injured because of someone else’s negligent actions, you deserve to be compensated.

Seeing Wellness Key Chiropractic after your PI Accident is an important step to receiving the maximum amount of compensation that you are owed.

It’s important to be seen by a chiropractor who has experience working with personal injury accident victims.

They will know exactly what needs to be done to help with your case. For example, your chiropractor will provide:

  • Detailed Medical Charts: You will receive medical charts that list the extent and severity of the injuries that you suffered along with the symptoms that you were feeling on your first visit and all the way through your treatment process. This is extremely important because not every symptom appears immediately after an accident occurs. So if your pain increased during your time treating, your documentation will connect everything together proving that your injuries and symptoms were a direct result of the accident.
  • Details of all Treatment that was Provided: Most insurance companies do not want to just see that you received medical services, they want a clear understanding of each service that you received and how it is directly associated with the accident that you were involved in. Your chiropractor will make sure they receive this information so they cannot deny your claim.
  • Provide Accurate Detailed Billing Information: This will include the cost of each treatment that you received and why you received that particular treatment. Having accurate billing will show that the services you received were related to the accident injury that you suffered and that you received treatment in a timely manner.

We Work with Insurance Companies

Being involved in an accident is always unpleasant, and trying to deal with treatment and filing a claim can be difficult. However, it’s crucial to both your health and claim to see a chiropractor within the first 48 hours of your accident. Beginning treatment right away is your best chance at recovering quickly and obtaining the compensation that you are owed.

When you come to Wellness Key Chiropractic will work with the insurance company directly if that is the route you want to take and as long as they put in writing that they will cover the cost of all your medical expenses.

We will bill your insurance company directly and provide them with all of the documentation they may need to make sure that your bills are covered.

Now in some cases, we have a difficult time getting the insurance company to agree up-front that they will pay for your medical bills that’s where an experienced Personal Injury Attorney can help!

We Work with Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Chiropractors have worked with some of the premier Personal Injury Attorneys in Tucson when it comes to accident cases.

We understand that dealing with the insurance company on your own can be a very daunting task and that PI Attorneys have the experience to make sure your case is handled.

One of the main reasons a medical facility may recommend hiring an attorney after a personal injury accident is to ensure that your medical bills are covered.

Your attorney signs an agreement with your treating clinic promising that your medical bills will be paid for out of the settlement amount that you receive. This means you do not owe the treating doctor any up-front fees for your treatment.

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