“Let me tell you something regarding Wellness Key: All these years with this pain, and simply after one visit here…I already feel completely different! Wonderful staff, amazing Doctor who takes the time to educate and inform! I LOVE IT! Thank you for showing what I’ve been missing!”

-Jason M


“I have been to several chiropractors in my lifetime. Because of the different illnesses and issues I suffer from, it is very difficult to find a chiropractor who doesn’t hurt me when he touches me. Dr. Utash is very gentle and does not aggregate my fibromyalgia or my chronic migraines. I just started seeing Dr. Utash about a month ago and since then my pain level has decreased quite a bit. Not only is he helping me feel better with his adjustments and exercises, but he is also helping me become a healthier person. Not only is Dr. Utash extremely friendly and interactive with his customers, his staff is just as friendly and interactive. It’s a wonderful environment to be around. I would recommend Wellness Key Chiropractic to anyone”

-Jamie C.


“Wellness Key Chiropractic is a GAME CHANGER. Everything feels much better after visiting here. Come be relaxed. You’ll love it!!!”

-Joe G.

“My family all visits Wellness Key Chiropractic! I have been to several chiropractors, and have never seen results like I have visiting Dr. Utash, and so quickly. My family and I noticed improvements very quickly! Their office staff is also very knowledgeable and friendly! We absolutely love it there. My sister and her family started using them as well and are having a great experience!! Highly recommend!!” -Deanna D.

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