Getting Your Money: Why Visit a Chiropractor For Personal Injury Claim

Visiting a Chiropractor Betters your Chances for a Full and Favorable Settlement

If you have been injured in a car accident or suffered injuries due to childbirth you many need Chiropractic care.

If you seek Chiropractic care for personal injury we’re positive you will want the defendant to cover all your medical expenses !

Personal injury claims are not likely to be settled without the proper documentation showing that your chiropractic care was a reasonable and necessary medical expense –

Because trials and settlements can take time and can seem like FOREVER, you probably will to need to get chiropractic care before the case goes to trial.

Just because you received Chiropractic care doesn’t necessarily mean the jury will deem it as “medically necessary.”

The team at Wellness Key Chiropractic will help you by providing great care and by fulfilling all the necessary steps to help you receive your most favorable settlement.

Dr. Joe Utash of Wellness Key Chiropractic understands the how vital it is to have proper documentation for your case including:

Any and all care and treatment plans provided to you, the patient: 

It is not sufficient for insurance companies just to see that chiropractic services were rendered. It must be clear that services were medically necessarily as a direct result of the personal injury, and detailed records do just that.

Accurate and detailed billing information, including the date, cost of each treatment, or office visit: 

Arizona laws state that personal injury claims must be filed within two years of an injury. Accurate billing shows that services rendered were related to the injury and medical care was sought in a timely fashion.

Detailed medical charts, listing the extent and severity of each and every symptom:

This is especially important because not every symptom appears immediately after an accident. Even if you “felt fine” after an accident, the proper documentation connects your injury to the accident.

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