Our Story

Wellness Key Chiropractic has been helping their patients live a lifestyle free of neck pain, back pain, headaches and other chronic ailments since 2011. Located in the heart of Tucson, AZ, Dr. Utash, and the team treat their patients not only with chiropractic care and customized rehab and therapy, but also by offering wellness workshops, nutrition and fitness classes.  

Meet the Team

Our team’s first priority is our patients.  When you walk in you will feel at home.  Everyone knows your name and we work hard to provide our patients with a positive, uplifting and friendly experience each visit.


Dr. Joe Utash DC

It was just a little over 15 years ago when I was not only introduced to chiropractic care, but to the true philosophy of health and healing. Not only did I recover from debilitating pain, but my life was transformed and I was inspired to go back to school to become a Chiropractor. After receiving my Doctorate in Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX, I received advanced training in spinal correction, toxicity, exercise, and nutrition from some of the largest health clinics in the world. I was invited to work and train at the largest clinic in the United States in The Woodlands, TX at Abundant Life Chiropractic where over 2,600 patients were cared for every week.

I am passionate about empowering patients with knowledge that healing comes from within. Through this principle, Wellness Key Chiropractic is helping change the way health care is viewed and applied in AZ. My vision is to see a world where families are achieving optimal health and healing and live up to their full God-given potential.

I am committed to providing the people of AZ with the tools they need to achieve their health goals. This is accomplished with wellness workshops, programs for churches, and makeover events in the office and at various other locations such as local businesses, schools and organizations. The subjects include nutrition, disease prevention, stress and time management, raising healthy kids, energy, fitness, detoxification, ergonomics, weight-loss, and much more. These workshops are open to the public. If you would like me to come speak at your business, church, school, or organization please email me.


In June of 2016 I started working at Wellness Key Chiropractic as an intern. I had gone through JTED which is a program for high school students to get their foot in the door of the career field they’re interested in. After 1 month of interning at WKC I became a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

I have two young babies, a boy and a girl. My son was born with Gastrointestinal issues where it was extremely hard for him to go poop due to a lack of nerve cells in his bowls. He has been adjusted since he was only 10 hours old. Getting him adjusted always help him go poop. Chiropractic is more than helping with back pain. It’s all about the nervous system and having proper communication to allow your body to function the way it’s supposed to. I love neurology and find it exciting which is why I love chiropractic! I am always excited to see people make improvements in their daily lives that they didn’t expect chiropractic to help with.


Initially I started off as a patient. At a young age I suffered hip pain. I went to many different doctors and specialists and no one could figure out the cause. After being diagnosed incorrectly I began to limit all of my life potential.  I then found Wellness Key and every day since I first came in, I’m constantly learning. Now I get to learn while being part of the team as a Medical Assistant. 

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