4 People in a Car Accident in Tucson, 4 different injuries…here’s how…


Transcript of video

so we recently had a family of four in a

motor vehicle accident or motor vehicle

crash and all four of them experienced

different levels of pain injury and

discomfort and so uh the mom uh had some

degeneration significant degeneration in

her lower back and neck and oftentimes

when a person has degeneration and

they’re in the same car in the same

accident they’re going to experience

more suffering more pain and of course

unfortunately a longer recovery in

addition the position of the person when

they’re in that that car accident it

matters and so she in addition to having


was looking down on her phone and boom

got hit and so whether it’s the position

or the amount of pre-existing damage

that the patient has before the accident

those are huge factors when it comes to

how much damage the same car accident

can cause that human

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