"I have been to several chiropractors in my lifetime. Because of the different illnesses and issues I suffer from, it is very difficult to find a chiropractor who doesn't hurt me when he touches me. Dr. Utash is very gentle and does not aggregate my fibromyalgia or my chronic migraines. I just started seeing Dr. Utash about a month ago and since then my pain level has decreased quite a bit. Not only is he helping me feel better with his adjustments and exercises, but he is also helping me become a healthier person. Not only is Dr. Utash extremely friendly and interactive with his customers, his staff is just as friendly and interactive. It's a wonderful environment to be around. I would recommend Wellness Key Chiropractic to anyone" Jamie C.

“Let me tell you something regarding Wellness Key: All these years with this pain, and simply after one visit here...I already feel completely different! Wonderful staff, amazing Doctor who takes the time to educate and inform! I LOVE IT! Thank you for showing what I’ve been missing!” -Jason M